Investing in real-estate
related activities.

About us


Stélina Invest BV was founded at the end of 2019 by Stéphane Verbeeck, former CEO of Gands Group NV, former chairman of VOKA Antwerp – Waasland and current chairman of the professional association of the real estate sector, together with Lien Van Mechelen (former COO Gands Group NV) and Natacha Vandermeulen (former CFO Gands Group NV). After a joint successful sale of Gands Group NV, active in project development, the forces were rejoined to write a new story with a focus on professional investing, with a preference for real estate.


Professional investing with a nod to the real estate world.
In the meantime, investments have already been made in :


  • YUST – a concept that combines short- and long-term stays with a multitude of ancillary services, set within a comfortable and lively atmosphere to make its residents feel at home.
  • Redet – a property developer that focuses on the B to B investment market;
  • 22 Invest – a company who focuses on the purchase, renovation and reselling of real estate;
  • Mederi – an independent care entrepreneur within primary care and home care
  • The ClubDeal – an investment holding co-investing into SME’s and real estate projects.

We look forward to interesting invest-opportunities. We are open to all business proposals with a range from 100.000 till 1.000.000 euro for each investment!

Our advantages are flexibility and fast decisions. Our investment committee is represented by all the shareholders and weekly scheduled, so we can respond and act on a very fast basis.

If you think we can be a trustful party for a mid or long-term investment, with a return on investment between 3-7 years, we are ready to listen to your business proposal.